It's getting cold outside. Let's get cozy inside.

There's no better time than the darker, colder months to appreciate the golden glow of your home. We have everything you need for a serene, cozy home this winter. Also, make sure to browse our newly expanded luxury bath and skincare items, as well as our unique candles imported and collected from various parts of the world.

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We get it. You're a conscious consumer on a mission to make the world a little better.

At The Linen Closet, we strive to provide you with ethically sourced products linked to beautiful stories and just causes from all over the world. Each of our products is gentle to our ultimate home, the earth, and the neighbors in our villages. Our products boast at least one of the following virtues: they are made from recycled materials, are lovingly handmade, support a woman or minority owned business, are ethically manufactured, or support families or communities in need. 

Shop Consciously